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Research & Development

Our innovation begins and ends with the customer in mind. II-VI Marlow retains an internationally recognized R&D staff and a network of 35+ government (U.S.) and university laboratory partners that serve as “expert problem-solvers,” seeking to offer innovative solutions to current market challenges.

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Custom Design & Engineering

II-VI Marlow’s core team of engineers and scientists work alongside you through all stages of the product development process. Upon entry, you will be paired with a customer-focused business team, which includes an account manager, industry-specialized engineer and customer support agent. The team will guide the product development and manufacturing processes to ensure your application’s success.

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Modeling & Analysis

II-VI Marlow utilizes verified techniques and advanced modeling tools to simulate the performance of a product design prior to production, thereby minimizing risk and reducing total program costs.

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Optimized Manufacturing

Our optimized manufacturing process is part of our commitment to quality, ensuring optimized-to-spec thermoelectric component to match all clients requirements.

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Compliance & Testing

Quality assurance and testing are foundational tenets of the II-VI Marlow Total Quality Management (TQM) system and Malcolm Baldrige award-winning criteria. II-VI Marlow works with you to develop testing plans for both product development and production. All industry and customer-required certifications will be considered in the testing plan.

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Metallized Ceramic Manufacturing

II-VI Marlow offers prototype-to-production metallized ceramic manufacturing services that deliver enhanced reliability and mechanical strength. Our processes provide highly flexible thermal management and electrical solutions with adhesion properties exceeding anything available in the industry today.

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