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Operating from two design centers in Dallas, TX (USA) and Darmstadt, Germany, II-VI Marlow’s core team of engineers and scientists work alongside you through all stages of the product development process.

Upon entry, you will be paired with a customer-focused business team, which includes an account manager, industry-specialized engineer and customer support agent. The team will guide the product development and manufacturing processes to ensure your application’s success.

II-VI Marlow offers extensive systems electronics capabilities, including hardware and software development. Interface protocols include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi®, Zigbee®, RF, RFID®, RS232/422/485, CANbus, UART, SPI, I2C, USB, etc. Any combination of these protocols and logic inputs may be used to identify and communicate with thermoelectric systems via smart phones, wired or wireless web access, computers, remote controllers, scanners or accessories to enable compatibility with the Internet of Things and cloud based computing. These technologies may be implemented to create smart systems that automatically configure firmware, and/or software, based on external inputs, such as temperature, pressure, humidity, liquid or air flow, fluid monitoring, internet data or user inputs.


During initial concept meetings, the II-VI Marlow team will conduct joint-planning sessions with the customer to determine requirements and present solution concepts.

Preferred concepts enter the detailed design phase. II-VI Marlow engineers utilize a series of advanced modeling techniques to bring the concept to life and simulate performance prior to the prototype build.

Available internal modeling and analysis tools include:

  • Internal, proprietary component modeling tool
  • Internal, proprietary system modeling tool
  • Solidworks® mechanical modeling
  • Ansys® finite element analysis

II-VI Marlow's research and development team may be leveraged throughout your product’s lifecycle where innovation beyond current technology options is required.

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