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Research & Development

II-VI Marlow is 100% focused on thermoelectric technology – investing 10% of its annual revenue into state-of-the-art research and new product development. In turn, II-VI Marlow customers receive access to the latest developments in thermoelectric technology before it reaches the general public.

Our innovation begins and ends with the customer in mind. The II-VI Marlow design staff sits down with customers for an annual technology roadmap session to discuss the direction of the market and verify requirements for new products and more.

In response, II-VI Marlow retains an internationally recognized R&D staff and a network of 35+ government (U.S.) and university laboratory partners that serve as “expert problem-solvers,” seeking to offer innovative solutions to current market challenges.

II-VI Marlow's research and development team may be leveraged throughout your product’s lifecycle where innovation beyond current technology options is required.

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